Data Collection

With our network of experts, the YMG range of services are vast and include:

         » CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviews)
         » Advanced web and internet surveys, including Qualtrics
         » Mobile applications
         » SAQs (self-administered questionnaires)
         » Multi-mode (any combination of modes)

Other things we have covered:

Security – yes, all our studies reside on secure servers.
Incentives – yes, we can handle all types of incentive payments – cash, checks, e-certificates, etc.
IRB trained – yes, our team all are IRB certified
Web panels – yes, we can work with you on this, and can outline the pros- and cons-
Longitudinal studies- yes, we have effective techniques to implement studies over time while maintaining accuracy and minimizing drop-out rates.

Contact us to learn more about what we can offer.