​​​​​​​​​Managing Director:  Yasamin Miller
Our team is led by Yasamin, who has over 20 years experience having founded and successfully directed Cornell University's Survey Research Institute.  She is currently a Senior Research Affiliate with the Survey Center at the University of New Hampshire, and is a founding member and Past-President of the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations.  Before that she was at Stanford University where she designed systems to collect large-scale data and conducted data analysis using complex statistical modeling. This extensive practical experience in data collection and analysis has given her the foundation to work with clients to offer the best solutions to meet their goals.  And just as importantly, she has a vast network of experts who offer a wide range of services at affordable prices.  Miller has a B.Sc. (1983) in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and a M.Sc. in Statistics (1985) from McMaster University.

She understands how to grow a business using data to drive good decision making as well as to answer important research questions.


We are very proud to have a very distinguished group of individuals who work to guide and advise us to ensure we are offering the best and highest quality services to our clients.

Kathleen Frankovic spent over three decades at CBS News working in collaboration with The New York Times.  She retired as their Director of Surveys in 2009 and is an Election and Polling consultant for CBS News, YouGov, Harvard University, Open Society Foundations and other survey research organizations.  She has served as President of both the World Association for Public Opinion and the American Association for Public Opinion Research, and has won many national awards for her work including the 2008 AAPOR Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement, that association’s highest honor.  She chaired the committees that wrote the 2014 ESOMAR/WAPOR guide to Opinion Polls and the WAPOR guide to Exit Polls and Election Forecasts. She currently sits on the ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee.  She has a Ph.D. in political science.  She taught at the University of Vermont, was a visiting professor at Cornell University, and Professional in Residence at the Annenberg School. Some of her writing can be found at her website: www.kathyfrankovic.com.

Jeff Hancock is a Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford University.  He is an expert in social media and specializes in using computational linguistics and experiments to understand how the words we use can reveal psychological and social dynamics, such as deception and trust, emotional dynamics, intimacy and relationships, and social support. He is well-known for his research on how people use deception with technology, from sending texts and emails to detecting fake online reviews. His TED Talk on deception has been seen over 1 million times. He has over 80 journal articles and conference proceedings and has been supported by funding from the NSF and DOD. His work on lying and technology has been frequently featured in the popular press, including the New York Times, CNN, NPR, CBS and the BBC.  He has a PhD in Psychology from Dalhousie University, Canada. He was a Professor of Information Science and Communication at Cornell prior to joining Stanford in 2015.

 Juan Miguel Lavista is currently the principal data scientist for Microsoft Data Science team (cDnA), where he works with a team of data scientists in areas including Machine Learning , Causal inference, and Statistical modeling searching for insights in petabytes of data. Juan joined Microsoft in 2009 to work for the Microsoft Experimentation Platform (EXP) where he designed and ran randomized control experiments across different Microsoft properties. In Microsoft, Juan also worked as part of the Bing Data Mining team. Before joining Microsoft, Juan was the CTO and co-founder of alerts.com.  Juan has two computer science degrees from the Catholic University in Uruguay, and a graduate degree in Data Mining from Johns Hopkins University. He has been a speaker at many DataScience/Big Data  conferences in many countries including the US, Canada, Switzerland, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay, and he also was a TEDx Speaker in 2010 in Argentina.


David M. Filiberto, PhD
David excels at managing the collection and analysis of disparate data to create value added insight, formative and summative evaluations, policy analysis, energy and sustainability.
Cornell University                                  B.S.    1993                               General Studies
Cornell University                                  M.P.A 1994                               Environmental Policy
Cornell University                                  Ph.D.  2008                               Policy Analysis & Management
David Filiberto is Research Faculty in the NYS School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University. As a social scientist and program evaluator, he holds expertise in research methods, particularly the design and administration of survey instruments, focus groups, and in depth interviews. He developed a novel approach to creating surveys titled “A Structured Conceptualization Approach to Survey Design”.  With advanced quantitative and qualitative skills, he has evaluated the implementation of a $32.5 million federal award to improve education and career outcomes for low-income children with disabilities, managed national projects evaluating energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, and performed market research engagements in the entertainment and beverage industries. He is the author of many articles and reports in each of the above sectors.  

Timothy Hinkin, PhD
Tim’s research focuses primarily on leadership, managing service quality, employee retention, and research methods. 
Michigan State University                      B.A.    1974                              Hotel, Restaurant Management
Michigan State University                      MBS   1982                              Leadership
University of Florida                               Ph.D.  1985                              Organizational Behavior
Professor Timothy R. Hinkin is the George and Marian St. Laurent Professor in Applied Business Management at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.  Prior to his academic career he worked for Hyatt Hotels and Sysco Corporation.  He was founding co-editor of Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism and was Associate Editor of Organization Research Methods.  He is author of Cases in Hospitality:  A Critical Incident Approach, 2nd ed., and has published over 60 articles in journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Harvard Business Review, as well as many book chapters.  He has won numerous teaching awards at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration and was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 2006, spending a semester at University of Technology, Jamaica.  He is an active member of the Academy of Management and is former Chair of the Research Methods Division. 

Dr. Cheryl Gore-Felton

Cheryl is a behavioral scientist who has expertise in developing, implementing, and evaluating behavioral change interventions across diverse populations.
UCLA                                                         B.A.     1986                               Psychology
Boston University                                   Ed.M.  1989                               Counseling Psychology
Stanford University                                Ph.D.   1997                               Counseling & Health Psychology
Dr. Gore-Felton is professor, associate chair, and associate dean in the Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.  As a clinical psychologist and behavioral scientist, she has expertise in psychological and behavioral factors that influence health behaviors. She has been awarded federally-sponsored research throughout her most of her career, spanning over two decades. She uses mixed method designs to develop novel interventions to improve health outcomes and has authored or co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles.   

Cathleen Kane, M.P. A.
Cathleen specializes in strategic planning and evaluation, with an emphasis on design, analysis and measurement of metrics profiles for complex mission-driven initiatives.
University of California at Berkeley        B.A.    1979                              American Studies
Cornell University                                      M.P.A. 2004                            Nonprofit Management
Cathleen Kane is the Assistant Director of Evaluation at the Weill Cornell Clinical Translational Science Center Award (CTSA) in Manhattan. In her work as a strategic planner and internal evaluator, Ms. Kane is also an active member of the national CTSA consortium including >60 centers funded by the National Institute of Health at a cost of approximately a half billion dollars per year. Ms. Kane’s work as the Chair of the CTSA Shared Resources committee resulted in a critical publication referenced in the 2013 IOM (Institute of Medicine) Report. She has also published work focused on international perspectives to evaluation, process modeling, concept mapping and team science. Her research interests include utilization-focused evaluation regarding the management of mission-driven, large and complex public health initiatives.

Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, PhD
Ingrid specializes in clinical epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, bio specimen collection and processing, cancer survivorship studies, etiology studies use of mobile Apps and eHealth in clinical trials.
University of Michigan                              B.S.    1987                              Biology
Tulane University                                       M.P.H.1992                            Epidemiology
Stanford University                                    Ph.D.  2002                            Epidemiology
Dr. Ingrid Oakley-Girvan is a Research Scientist at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, Co-chair of the Molecular Epidemiology Working Group, Consulting Assistant Professor of the Division of Epidemiology, Department of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University School of Medicine and a member of the Stanford Cancer Institute.  She has collaborated with 171 co-authors since 1995 and has 49 publications, 601 citations.  Her research interests include reducing disparities in diagnosis, treatment, survival, and quality of life for cancer patients.  She conducts systems-based evaluation of genetic, molecular, environmental, social and other factors to understand disparities in breast, prostate, thyroid and other cancer diagnoses, using NextGen approaches and community-based participatory research to evaluate disparities and to reduce them through interventions.

Dr. Oxana Palesh

Dr. Palesh has expertise in conducting Phase II/III randomized clinical trials in medically ill populations. She studies the etiology of side effects (e.g., sleep and circadian disruptions, cognitive impairment, fatigue) associated with medical treatments and develops interventions to address them.
BYU                                                        B.S. 1996                                Psychology
CSPP-San Diego                                   Ph.D. 2002                             Clinical Psychology
University of Rochester                      M.P.H. 2009                           Clinical Investigation
Dr. Palesh is an assistant professor in the Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. She is also a Director of Cancer Survivorship Research at Stanford Cancer Institute. As a clinical psychologists and behavioral scientist, she has expertise in assessment, measurement and treatment of psychiatric symptoms and disorders. She has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health and has authored and co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed publications in behavioral oncology, cancer control and prevention, and psychology. Oxana specializes in clinical epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, bio specimen collection and processing, cancer survivorship studies, etiology studies use of mobile Apps and eHealth in clinical trials.

Dr. Stephen Sweet
Stephen specializes in organizational and workplace studies, gender and racial inequalities, and aging.
SUNY Potsdam                                              B.A.    1985                            Psychology
University of New Hampshire                    M.P.H.1992                            Sociology
University of New Hampshire                    Ph.D.  2002                            Sociology
Professor Stephen Sweet is an associate professor of sociology and department chair at Ithaca College and visiting scholar at the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College. He has extensive experience studying workers and organizations using quantitative surveys, qualitative interviews, focus groups, unobtrusive methods, experiments, and intervention approaches. His books include Changing Contours of Work (2017, 2013, 2008), The Work-Family Interface (2014), Work-Family Policy: International Comparative Perspectives (2012), Data Analysis with SPSS: A First Course in Applied Statistics (2011, 2008, 2003, 1998), and The Work and Family Handbook: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Methods and Approaches (2005). He served as co-editor of the Work-Family Encyclopedia (2007-2010) and his studies on work, family, community, and inequality appeared in a variety of publications, including Work and Occupations, Generations, Research in the Sociology of Work, Sex Roles, Family Relations, New Directions in Life Course Research, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Marriage and the Family, and Community, Work, and Family. 

Dr. Susan S. Fleming
Susan specializes in gender studies, women in leadership, entrepreneurship, insurance, finance, and corporate governance.
University of Virginia                                    B.A.    1992                           Economics & Asian Studies

Cornell University                                         M.S.    2008                           Management
Cornell University                                         Ph.D.  2010                           Management

Dr. Susan S. Fleming is a senior lecturer at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration.  She is an educator, researcher, businesswoman, and mother with deep experience and expertise in the areas of finance, insurance, business strategy, organizational behavior, and issues of gender diversity.  Dr. Fleming began her career on Wall Street, where over a period of 12 years she held various positions in the investment community, including that of Analyst at Morgan Stanley & Co., Vice President of Insurance Partners, L.P., a $540 million private equity fund and Partner at Capital Z Financial Services Partners, a $1.85B private equity fund.  Her current research focuses on the factors contributing to a dearth of women in leadership positions in U.S. society.  In addition to her work as a researcher, teacher and speaker advocating for women’s advancement, Dr. Fleming helped to found a start-up company in Ithaca, NY; has previously served on the board of directors of four publicly traded insurance and reinsurance companies, two private companies and three non-profit organizations;  and current serves on the boards of Virtus Investment Partners,Inc., and Endurance Specialty Holdings, Ltd., both of which are publicly-traded financial services companies. 

​Virginia Robinson Dick, PhD
Virginia excels at developing participatory utilization focused evaluations for individual programs and comprehensive strategies to assist public health, child development, and community development organizations assess and improve impact and collaborative function.  
Roanoke College                                B.S.    1997                              Psychology & Sociology
The University of Georgia                 M.S.   1999                              Child and Family Development
The University of Georgia                 Ph.D.  2005                             Child and Family Development

Virginia Dick, PhD specializes in Utilization-Focused Evaluation including program evaluation, system and strategy level evaluations, and needs assessments.  With a preference for mixed methods designs, she has expertise designing and implementing qualitative and quantitative studies. Over the course of her career, Dr. Dick has worked with many different community collaborative groups to help provide evaluation and data use support and guidance to help inform program and strategy level efforts to impact communities.  She has an extensive history working with a wide range of public health issues including: trauma informed mental health care, child welfare and family service programs, community based alternatives for youth, Medicare/Medicaid waiver programs, and transition services for young adults with emotional and behavioral challenges.  Dr. Dick has served as the primary evaluator for private businesses, non-profit organizations, and state and local agencies including Cooperative Extension, Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, and Division of Family and Children Services among others.  Her recent projects include a community wide evaluation of a Healthy Children initiative to improve community infrastructure, an investigation of child welfare outcomes using geo-mapping technology, evaluation of the healthy relationship education for child welfare professionals (Cooperative Extension & DFCS), and the longitudinal evaluations of the pilot Jail Diversion and Trauma Recovery program and Health Transitions Initiative in Georgia.

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